Frequently Asked Questions

Uppsala International School (UIS-Bilingual)

Frequently Asked Questions

The UIS Bilingual Pathway is an exciting addition to our School community. It is for students aged 6 – 16 the end of compusory schooling in Sweden.

UIS Bilingual is a unique pathway catering to:

  • Families that have Swedish roots, and a global outlook or aspiration for their child.
  • For local and international families alike, that wish to make Sweden their home, but also keep the door open for an international move.
  • For families wanting to provide a local and global university opportunity for their child at graduation.

UIS Bilingual is unique in how it focuses on Swedish during the early years and up to Grade 3. From Grade 4 and up academic subjects are taught equally in English and Swedish.

This is an exciting opportunity for your child to benefit from a strong academic program in both Swedish and English in an international environment, which offers local connections as well as a global outlook.

We aim to develop true global citizens who recognize the value of their local community. Your child will be open to different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. They will understand the importance of inclusion and equity.

The maximum number of students in a class varies depending on the age of the student. We aim to have a maximum of 25 children per class. This is in keeping with all Lower School classes. The average number is 20 children.

Until Grade 3, we have a greater emphasis on Swedish. Classes in Swedish will be taught by the homeroom teacher, who has the Swedish qualification, and include literacy, numeracy, science and social studies. Classes in English, taught by native speaker teachers specializing in that subject, include library, physical education, creative arts (music and art).  

From Grade 4 onwards, the balance of languages will be 50/50 with a greater emphasis on academics in both languages. French/German/Spanish will start from Grade 5. 

Children from both pathways will interact in various ways throughout the day.  Students will play together at recess, attend bilingual assemblies, and attend trips and special events together.  

Children in the bilingual pathway are integrated members of our community. Children from both pathways will interact in various ways throughout the day. Activities are in both English and Swedish, and children from both pathways choose from the same selection. Children in both pathways will attend assemblies together and have recess/playtime at the same time. 

We pride ourselves on having excellent, inspiring, and innovative teachers. 

Our bilingual classroom teachers are native language teachers who are fully accredited and approved by the Swedish authorities and have experience of teaching in an international environment.   

Our school will offer Spanish, French and German as language options. Modern languages are part of the Swedish curriculum and as such all children are expected to study a third language. 

 We are now accepting applications for Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 8 (children aged 6-15) for August 2024. The programme will grow to include students aged up to 16 in the coming years. 

Fully accredited and approved Swedish curriculum Läroplan (Lgr22) combined with the high-quality pedagogy and curriculum of our international programme. 

Our program has a strong emphasis on both social and academic Swedish from kindergarten through Grade 3, moving to equal academic focus on both Swedish and English from Grade 4 onwards. 

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At The UIS, we are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications to our school all year round from students of all abilities.

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