Parent Portal

Uppsala International School (UIS) is an approved Cambridge international School for students aged 6-18.


Online Parent Portal

A customisable online portal for parents to easily view information. The portal shows a child’s timetable, attendance information including school and lesson registration, future absences and off games, discipline details such as detentions and reward and conduct records. Along with permission forms, exam entries and school reports and more


The Parent Portal login link is located on the school’s website, please contact your school administrator if you have any trouble finding the login or accessing the Portal.

Please contact your school administrator for the login Code or accessing the Parent Portal App.

If a parent has been locked out of the parent portal you will need to click on the ‘forgotten your details’ option which would then prompt you to enter your username, once the username has been entered click on the ‘Reset Password’ button for a link to be sent to your email address for the password reset. If the accounts have been disabled then you would need to get in touch with the administrator at the school to have the accounts enabled before the password for the account can be reset.

If you are trying to reset the password for your parent app then this can be done by clicking on the ‘forgotten my details’ option in the parent portal, both the parent portal and parent app would use the same password, therefore, changing it in the parent portal would also change the password for the apps. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then the school could get in touch with their administrator for assistance with resetting their password. Also if the users’ account is disabled the user needs to get in touch with the school to have their user account enabled before they can reset the password.

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We are excited to share with you what our school UIS has to offer and look forward to meeting your family. Please fill out The Admissions FORM below.

Admissions Process

At The UIS, we are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications to our school all year round from students of all abilities.

Contact Admissions

You can contact the Admissions Team in the following ways to discuss any questions you have about UIS and the Admissions process.

Uppsala International School ( UIS )

Cambridge International School

We follow the broad, balanced Cambridge International curriculum, delivering an "International Education" in English to children aged 6 to 18.

Cambridge Primary

( 6-11) years old


Cambridge Lower Secondary

( 12-14) years old


Cambridge Upper Secondary

( 15-16) years old

Cambridge Advanced

( 16-18) years old